What To Expect On Your NYC Gangster Tour

Millions of people have called The Big Apple home. As of July of 2016, New York City housed an estimated 8,537,673 residents, and there’s no shortage of celebrities living on these mean streets. Some of New York City’s most famous residents were gangsters who were notorious in areas like Little Italy, Chinatown, The Five Points, and the Lower East Side. When you take one of our tours in New York City, you’ll be able to customize it how you see fit. However, NYC gangster tours typically focus on certain major events, families, and neighborhoods.

Where can we go on our gangster private walking tour?

On all of our tours in New York City, we offer tailor-made options that allow you to see exactly what interests you. Of course, there are certain spots that we think are must-sees for this sort of tour. Little Italy and the East Village are infamous for their mob hangouts, and the Lower East Side was home to both Irish gangsters and the Jewish-American mafia that later influenced Italian organized crime. No matter which areas capture your imagination most, our guides will provide you with fascinating insight into these groups and how they survived during their heyday. You’ll walk the same streets they did and get a glimpse into the lives they lead during your tour.

Aren’t all mafia tours in New York the same?

Absolutely not. Although many tours focus on some of the same areas due to their historical significance, every tour company brings its own expertise and flair to the table. What you’ve seen portrayed in shows like The Sopranos or in movies like Goodfellas are just one piece of the puzzle — and it’s one that isn’t always accurate. On these tours, we’ll dispense facts and visit locations you likely never knew about. If you’re looking for a tour that focuses on more than just pop culture or what you could glean yourself from the internet, our experience can provide you with an insider perspective to which not many are privy.

How can I find out more about taking a tour?

If you’re interested in taking the best mafia tour NYC has to offer, just contact us! Unlike many other guided walking tours, CityWalksNY allows you to customize your tour experience to ensure it includes exactly what you want to see. We can also provide recommendations for those can’t-miss spots. To find out more about signing up for a gangster tour (or any of our other amazing offerings), get in touch with us through our site or check out our NYC gangster tour info page for more.